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Sai Miracles

Miracle 1:
Shirdi Sai Miracle on Sri Ramanavami on 27-MAR-2015 in Pittsburgh @my friend home. I want share with  you all.
God bless you Sai Ram.
Shirdi Sai Miracle: My friend invited us for Sai Ratri puja like Shivaratri,the whole night have to tell Sai baba namam without stopping.The programs is from yesterday 6 pm to today 6 am(on srirama navami Mar 27th 2015). This is the first time baba appeared 2 times today. We are concentrated and telling Sai Namam(Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai), The orange Fruits kept for baba puja in the plate.suddenly orange fruits moved and run into circles and given big sound and stop,we wondered why fruit is moving without touching any one any effect sound outside.,not only me my friend we both see that fruit is moved,we surprised why the fruit moved and given sound.ok we can not stop namam,so we are concentrating on namam.i thought baba waking me up and not get into sleep, do not stop namam. I heard baba miracle in the internet baba appeared on the wall, but I never seen any time appearing, with my eyes.i asked baba if you move again I will take photo or video ,I started recording video to capture if fruit move again ,if he appeared so,suddenly I see baba face on cloth.please find the attached photos and video took live.if you pray deeply, baba will appear do ,I can not say in words. You have to experience your own.there is no way to move fruit,we are in ground floor no is a miracle. I saw a Sai baba with my eyes first time lively 2 times in the form of fruit and his face on the cloth.baba said : if you look at me, I will look at you.
Here are Pic:

Sai Ram..

Miracle 2:
The Wonder and Miracle@ SSGMV Vemulabanda. March 16th 2016
We are struggling with no water available for constructing orphanage and old age home at Vemulabanda. We had put a water bore well last year, but there is no much water coming , every 20 min stopping coming water from bore well.So we decided to put another bore well, Shirdi Sai gave me a though and showed us the place where the water could be , which we already had plan to construct baba lotus feet , I suggested to bore well people the place to put bore well ,this time in 40 feet itself got the 2 inch of water, it is a wonder and Miracle ,because even 100 or 200 feet water is not available in the village bore wells in this summer, no water is available for drinking in the village.It is amazing ,water is available in the 40 feet deep for Sai Mandir location.I believe baba showed us a path for our water problem, that could be our future babas lotus feet where Ganga ,Yamuna, Saraswati rivers join and flow from south to north in front of the SSGM Sai Mandir.We tried calling different bore well (Nandini , Lakshmi,sagar bore well machines) , but finally we got Sai jala bore well and put a bore.Sai is saying and doing in his actions.

Sai ram ...,,,

This is true story in the baba history , I took this idea from baba history and made archtecture for SSGM Sai Mandir.
Baba's Lotus Feet - A Confluence Of Holy Rivers
The river water contains several medicinal properties. Taking a dip in the currents of holy rivers would purify both the external body and internal soul. Thus, Dasganu sought Baba's permission to take a bath in the holy Godavari river. But Baba wished to grant a holy bath of Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswathi rivers to his beloved devotee. "Why do you go such far? Our prayaga is here now, Believe Me" Baba said so. And Lo! From Baba's Lotus Feet gushed the waters of the three holy rivers, Ganga, Yamuna,Saraswathi. Immediately Dasganu bowed to Baba's Feet with reverence. Spell-bound and elated, Dasganu sang psalms in praise of Baba's Glory. Thus, for His devotees Baba would prove His boundless power as the Highest of the High and would teach the way to be at peace with oneself. Although God moved among us in human form, His incredible miracles and deeds of mercy proved His Divine Power. Baba is the Merciful God who would rush to save the devotees who fervently pray to Him. Baba's miracles attracted many to Shirdi, the Source of Abundant Life and Joy. Dasganu, an intimate devotee of Baba and a ballad singer, composed Baba's Glory into story and songs and used to sing them. Several others like Cholkar heard them, prayed and received Baba's blessings. Let us implore Baba, to be always with us and protect us.

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